1. Be Healthy; Be Smart* (see * below)
  2. Be in the present moment
  3. Remember that things might start off at a slower pace, but your movement and pace will change as your personal practice advances. Pilates has the ability to change your life and each session builds upon the others, so starting correctly is so beneficial.

*Pilates is for everybody regardless of your fitness level, but please consult your physician to discuss your particulars prior to your first session.  If your physician would like to provide any pertinent information to us, we are 100% open to this. Working together with doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and many other medical and holistic professionals is key to your overall well being and we respect and appreciate the collaboration.



Fitted workout clothes are recommended as I need to be able to see your body move.  I have found  that male clients enjoy wearing compression shorts under looser shorts, along with a t-shirt, workout shirt etc.   No jeans or short shorts please. You are welcome to wear socks but they must be the style that separates your toes and have a rubber grip on the toes and bottom of the socks. Some socks options will be available at the studio to purchase, or you can find many options browsing online.



Please contact me directly via cell phone or text at 360-298-3155 or send me an email to StrongToTheCorePilates@gmail.com and we will book your session(s).   If you like to schedule your private session via electronically, there is a Book Now button on this page, as well as direct booking on the Home page.   

Cancellations with at least a 4-hour notice are not charged. Cancellations with less than a 4-hour notice will result in your account being charged.



That depends on your personal goals and your commitment to your Pilates practice.   My schedule offers many opportunities each week for one or more session each week.   The more you do, the quicker results, but at a minimum, one session per week the minimum I recommend.  Ideal is 2-4 each week, in my opinion.



I am available 5 days each week with many time slots available each of those days.

There are times when a 55-minute session is just too long, especially if you have any health compromises or are recovering from an event or condition, and for those clients and times, I do offer a 30-minute private session.  You and I will discuss the particulars in detail and book session dates and times together.  



Most people’s point of reference for Pilates is either mat Pilates or Pilates on a reformer, or both.   A few are somewhat familiar with a tower unit as well. A truly fully equipped Pilates studio has the other, less known apparatus like the Wunda chair, electric chair, baby arm chair, ped-i-pole, ladder barrel, barrel system, spine corrector, toe corrector, foot corrector, power circle, sand bag, and cadillac. I am very proud to offer all of these apparatus and have duplicates of most.  Anyone that is familiar with the history of Joseph H Pilates knows that Joe worked with healthy bodies but more predominantly with unhealthy/unbalanced bodies.  The apparatus were all invented to allow the body in front of Joe to work in a certain way because the body physically could not do the mat work, or needed further assistance to find the key points of a move. Joe was able to create the same shapes in space with the apparatus and widen the learning ability. This is very key because your pilates workout has to connect you to your body and mind and if you are not feeling what you are supposed to be feeling in one move or on one apparatus, then our job is to get you to feel it or learn it on a different apparatus.  Besides being a learning tool, the varying apparatus are also challenging points. Pilates should never be “easy” and having a full studio is to your benefit.



The studio is very conveniently located at 140-B First Street, Friday Harbor, WA. 98250.  It is incredibly close to the downtown center, but not the center, so you can disappear from downtown events. The closest intersections are First street and Spring Street, or if you are walking from the ferry, walk up the hill on East Street, past the Salty Fox, and take the stairs to the pedestrian corridor like you were heading to The Bean. From First Street, the pedestrian corridor is flanked by The Golden Triangle and Pelindaba Lavender.   

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