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Owner & Instructor

Hello and thank you for visiting!  Pilates has changed my life and in that process, I developed a passion for Pilates. A passion not only doing Pilates, but a passion to share Pilates with as many others as I can.   

As I began my formal training, (which honestly will never end), where I was working shut down without any advance notice. It was a situation where the out of town owner just decided to close and overnight I had no place to continue working with my clients. I immediately started working on plans to open my own studio, and Strong to the Core Pilates was created.  I have since relocated to Friday Harbor on the beautiful San Juan Island in Washington and have opened up Strong to the Core Pilates LLC at 140-B First Street, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250.

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, elevates the spirit” ~ Joseph Pilates 

I realized very early on that my passion for Pilates,  really awakens when I am working with individual clients, vs in a group class setting. We are all individuals with individual needs, individual strengths (or injuries), and individual goals and/or objectives.   The Pilates Method has over 500 exercises. Private Pilates sessions allow focused exercises that align with an individual’s needs, strengths (or injuries), and goals and/or objectives.  It’s 55 minutes out of your day that is focused on your overall well being, so that the other 23 hours and 5 minutes of that day, can be the absolute best.  And soon every day becomes noticeably improved in ways such as you noticing that you have a stronger core or powerhouse, or perhaps you become aware of changes in your ability to move around in however your typical day goes (walking, gardening, sports, breathing), and then when you start to feel as you are lengthening not only your spine but from your toes all the way to the crown of your head.  

I am very excited to be here in Friday Harbor, and I would love to work with you to improve your body and overall well-being.  

I am looking forward to connecting with you ~ Debbie



  • Peak Pilates Certified Instructor
  • Rossiter System of Pain Management Level I
  • Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
  • Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Graduate of e-Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition
  • DoTerra Wellness Advocate – Naturally Safe and Purely Effective


  • *SPRING 2021 – Jacob’s Pillow, Beckett Mass.  The Resister (part 2), The Lost Art of Joe’s Circles, Squares, and Transitions, as well as the Science Behind the Springs.
  • 2020 –  Remote Continuing Education -Basic Anatomy I, Basic Anatomy II, and Case Studies with Sean P. Gallagher and Elaine Ewing. Chair and Barrel Level I, Chair and Barrel II, Let’s Get Loaded, Make Movement Matter, Power Circle and Wall Endings Level I, Pilates for Active Aging Adults, Pilates for Overweight Clients, and Real Men do Pilates – with Pam Garcia, Zoey Trap, and Kathryn Coyle @ Peak University.
  • SPRING 2019 – Jacob’s Pillow, Beckett Mass. The New Science and Lost Art of Joe’s Mats – Sean P Gallagher, Elaine Ewing, Maria Vorrias, and Pamela Pardi
  • FALL 2018 – Jacob’s Pillow, Beckett Mass.  The Lost Art of the Ped-o-Pul & Resister.  Sean P Gallagher & Elaine Ewing
  • SPRING 2018 – Rossiter Systems for Pain Management – Level One Certification – Valarie Lescantz
  • FALL 2017 – Cadillac and Wunda Chair refresher – Clare Dunphy
  • FALL 2017 – Reformer Progressions, Variations, and Teaching – Clare Dunphy
  • SPRING 2017 – Anatomy & Kinesiology IV – Mary Beth Lawrence
  • SPRING 2017 – Anatomy & Kinesiology III – Mary Beth Lawrence
  • WINTER 2017 – Baby Arm Chair workshop – Kathryn Ross Nash
  • WINTER 2017 – Client Assessment workshop – Mary Beth Lawrence
  • FALL 2016 – Footwork is Not Just Footwork workshop – Pamela Garcia and Colleen Glenn-Wilson
  • FALL 2016 – GRATZ sponsored Drexel Pilates workshop – Kathryn Ross Nash
  • SUMMER 2016 – Peak Pilates Level Two Certification – Pamela Garcia
  • SUMMER 2016 – Cadillac and Beyond workshop – Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt
  • SUMMER 2016 – Peak Empowerment Summit – Chair Challenge, The Devil’s in the Details, Signs of Readiness, Boost Your Business, Reformer & Mat on the Chair, Teaching with Touch, Jump Jump Jump, Studio Owners – various Peak Pilates instructors.
  • SPRING 2016 – Connecting the Shoulders workshop – Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt and Pamela Garcia
  • FALL 2015 – Peak Pilates Level One Certification – Martha Zaharevich


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