February 4, 2018

It’s finally happened!   We packed up and are in route on our relocation journey back to the great Pacific Northwest.  We feel like we are headed back “home” and are so excited to be in close proximity to our family.    

Packing has sure been interesting and I know unpacking will be quite fun. We will just unpack the necessities as we shop for a home to buy, opening as few boxes as possible while in the rental house. 


relocation journey

I can’t wait to start shopping for new studio space in Friday Harbor, Washington. I am so excited to look at the various spaces available.  I hope I find one that has high ceilings, lots of natural lighting and is a great layout. I  will be blogging throughout the journey and also while setting up the studio.  I hope you follow along!  

On a personal note, I really want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came to Strong to the Core Pilates for classes and private sessions.  You all are awesome and I hope that you continue with your pilates as there is no other movement that can strengthen you, lengthen you, and make your lives better.

I want to thank Ellen Henderson and Donna Dunn for the time they chose to instruct at Strong to the Core Pilates, as independent contractors.  They are both wonderful instructors and it was an honor to work with you both and to provide you with 24/7 access to Strong to the Core Pilates for your personal practice, private sessions, and classes with clients. I wish you both only the best!   


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